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19 Top Flight Booking Websites - Handpicked Recommendations

Whether you want to start a new globetrotting lifestyle, or just need to find the cheapest price for business travel, Cheapoair.com is the ideal site to find your airline tickets. Not only can this site help you find the best possible prices on airline tickets to destination around the world, Cheapoair.com also provides booking for hotels, car rentals, cruises, and vacation packages. With Cheapoair.com, you can plan your entire trip for the lowest price around!

The motto of this site is “Quality and Reliability – Delivered,” and that’s just what they do. At Cheapoair.com, you can easily search for flights to and from just about anywhere in the world. When the results of your search appear, you’ll be amazed at the great prices this site can find! Even after displaying your search results, this site continues periodically searching for lower prices, and displaying them if they are found. For example, Cheapoair.com can snag you a round-trip flight from Los Angeles to Bangalore, India for under $1000! If you have the travel bug, check out Cheapoair.com’s Cheap Airfare Specials on the main page of this site. Here you’ll find stunningly low prices to destinations around the world!

Need to book travel for your company or for a group? Cheapoair.com can help you find deals on travel for 10 or more people, as well as providing corporate travel management. This site’s corporate travel management team can help book flights, hotels, transportation, and other travel necessities for your company.

When you’ve booked your airline tickets, what’s next? Cheapoair.com can also help you book your hotel stay and rental car! For hotels, just enter the name of your destination and Cheapoair.com does all the work of finding you the best possible prices. In fact, booking hotels through Cheapoair.com can save you up to 50% on hotel stays.

Cheapoair.com caters to adventurers, vacationers, and professionals. All different types of travelers agree that no matter the destination, Cheapoair.com is the way to go. Ready to start your adventure? Try Cheapoair.com today!


Have you always wanted to travel, but thought you couldn’t afford it? Are you looking for a cheaper solution for business travel? Smartfares.com is the place to go for fantastic deals on any type of travel. Regardless of your destination, Smarfares.com is sure to find you the lowest price there is on airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, or cruises. This site centers on the needs of its customers, meaning that when you use Smarfares.com to book your travel, you’re certain to experience great customer service and advice from experienced travel agents if you need it. Whether you’re headed to Chicago for business or to Tokyo for adventure, you’ll find the best travel deals at Smartfares.com.

You may wonder how Smartfares.com guarantees such low prices on travel. This site maintains a special relationship with numerous airlines, and airline ticket consolidators in order to find and offer an enormous variety of affordable flights. The airline tickets you’ll find at Smartfares.com will be significantly lower priced than flights advertised on travel sites. Because this site searches many different sources for cheap airline tickets, you’ll discover a larger array of travel options when you search for tickets here. Finding hotels, car rentals, or cruises is also simple and convenient with this site, and of course, you’ll find the lowest prices on the web!

As a traveler, you may have concerns and questions about your destination. What’s the weather like? What can I bring through customs? Are there any other important factors that may influence my travel? Conveniently, Smartfares.com answers all of these important questions for you in the Travel Tools section of the site. Here you can find answers to any concerns you have, so that when it comes time to go, you can leave home confidently and enjoy stress-free travel!

There’s no doubt that Smartfares.com is the smart way to travel. Globetrotters and business professionals alike will love this user-friendly site and the unbelievable prices it can find. The adventure starts today – try Smartfares.com!


When you are looking to get away, go through Expedia.com. Here you can book more than just your airline ticket. You can book your hotel and rental car all at the same time too!

If you do not need a hotel or rental car, simply search for your flight! Decide whether it will be a round trip, one way, or have multiple destinations. Next you type in when you are leaving, returning if it applies, and whether or not your days are flexible. Finally decide how many people will be with you and figure out their ages to finalize your search!

See what kind of deals you can find on tickets today at Expedia.com.


Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway or you are moving across the world, Travelocity.com can help you with your flight.

This website is relatively simple to use, even for those who do not fly very often. You are able to choose whether you want to book just a flight or if you want to save money by booking the hotel and rental car at the same time. You can also take a look at their deals on last minute packages. This is a great option if you want to save money on your spontaneous vacation!

Go to Travelocity.com today and see if they have any last minute deals for you to book!


Go to Orbitz.com to take advantage of their different ways to save on air line tickets.

Use the Deal Detector when you want to save money on your flight. You type in the destination, the dates with or without flexibility, the travelers, the target prices, and any additional preferences. Simple click submit and they will alert you when your price and dates are available for booking!

The price assurance feature on this website insures that you will not pay more than anyone else on your flight that goes through this website. If anyone else pays less for the same flight, you get a check for the difference!

Go to Orbitz.com now to start saving on your next flight.


Find deals on flights, hotels, and rental cars now at Hotwire.com. You can either build a package or simple search for your flight!

Enter your destination, the dates for departure and return, and the number and age category of the travelers. They will then give you a list of available flights for multiple airlines. You are able to easily search through the results to find the airline, time, and additional information that works best for your vacation.

You can also take advantage of their Trip Watcher feature. This allows you to know when the prices drop on the trips you want to take!

Use Hotwire.com today and take advantage of the Trip Watcher now!


When you go through Priceline.com you not only can find great deals, but they have great features to help you save even more money. There are no booking fees and you can even earn airline miles!

One of the great things about this website is their Name Your Own Price feature. You type in the destination, dates, and your own price. They then help you find a deal that works for you. And if someone else books their ticket at a lower price than you, you are able to get a 100% refund of the difference!

Go to Priceline.com now and start negotiating your own flight price!


Find air line tickets today at CheapTickets.com. They have air line deals as well as package deals when you book your flight, hotel, and rental car at the same time.

There are now no fees when you purchase your air line ticket through this website. That means you can worry less about the price jumping way up when you check out. There are also good summer deals going on now for additional savings.

Keep your search simple or expand it to include preferred airlines, business/first class, etc. But do not wait until someone else books your ticket! Go to CheapTickets.com today!


Book your flight through BookIt.com and you will not have to pay any booking fees!

Whether you are going a few hundred miles away or a few thousand miles away, this website could help you. You are able to not only book your flight, but you can also purchase package deals with your hotel and rental car included. This is great if you are going to be in the city for a few days and need to get around easily.

Figure out when you want to travel and start searching through their available flights today. But do not wait. Visit BookIt.com now.


When you want to fly within the United States, go through Southwest.com. Here you can find flights going across the country or across the state.

View their destinations to see if the places you want to go are available. They have the majority of major airports as well as many, many more for you to choose from. Simply type in the destination and dates and see what kind of deals you can find on their flights!

To receive additional savings, sign up for their Rapid Rewards program. This allows you to keep track of the miles you fly through their airline and the more you fly the more rewards you earn!

Visit Southwest.com now and see if they have the flight you want.


Go to AA.com when you want to fly through American Airlines. They have deals available on certain flights and certain dates for you to save even more money.

One of the great features of this website is that you are able to selection more than one airport at a time. You can choose your first choice airport, but also pick a radius for additional airports for your departure and arrival. This is beneficial when it comes to finding deals. You may be able to find a cheaper flight to an airport next to the airport you chose!

Start finding air ticket deals now at AA.com.


Whether you are looking for a flight tomorrow or a flight next month, Kayak.com may be able to help you. You can search for hotels, cars, deals, and more. The more you book, the more you may be able to save!

This website searches through the different airlines and websites to find you the best possible deal. You are able to easily see the lowest priced flight with the time, airline, and additional information right away. You can even search for airports near your first pick. This keeps you from missing out on deals for the flights going to the next nearest airport.

Visit Kayak.com now and see if they can help you find the flight you want.


When you want a good deal on the flight you need, go to BookingBuddy.com. Here they help you find the best deal on the flight you are looking for. Simply type in the necessary information and see what kind of airlines and prices they can find for you.

Take a look at their deals section. This helps you find the top deals that are currently going on. They show you the price of the deal as well as where the deal is found. They even have deals on complete vacation packages if you want to book more than just your flight.

Go to BookingBuddy.com now and see if you are able to find a deal on the flight you are looking for.


Go to CheapFlights.com to look the flight you want to take. Whether you are booking a round trip across the world or a one way across the state, this website can help you find deals and dates.

You can choose whether you are flexible with your dates or not. This is a good feature to help you find deals. The date you want to leave may not be as cheap as two days earlier! This feature allows you to not miss out on the extra deals and saves you time searching.

Type in your dates and destination and see if CheapTickets.com can help you find a great flight.


Visit LowFares.com when you are looking for a website to help you find the flights you want.

To get started, type in your destination, the dates of departure and return, and the number of passengers. Next you select three sites to compare prices at. They have fifteen different travel sites for you to choose from. This includes popular choices like Orbitz.com, Priceline.com, and Expedia.com. After you select which sites you want to use for the comparison, this website gives you the current deals and prices of each. You can even go back and choose different sites for more options.

Go to LowFares.com now to get started.


When you go through FareCompare.com you may be able to find a deal on the flight you want.

You are able to choose the destination, the dates, and then the websites to use for comparison. You are able to choose between Orbitz, SuperSearch, Travelocity, Priceline, Expedia, TripAdvisor, and Travel-Ticker! The more websites you choose to compare with, the higher your chances are of finding a good deal.

Select the flexible-dates box to find even more deals. Your comparison will be expanded and you may be able to find a better price a day or two off of your original search.

Do not wait any longer. Go to FareCompare.com today to get started.


Go to Fly.com when you want a convenient way to compare flight prices.

When you search for a flight through this website, they help you find the best price for the flight you want. You are able to search over 300 airlines and travel sites. You can compare the times and prices to figure out which deal is the best for you. Then you book the ticket through the airline or the travel site!

To make your search broader select “include nearby airports.” This allows you to find deals at the airports near your departure or destination. You can also select “prefer nonstop” if you do not wish to have any layovers.

Start looking for the flight you want now at Fly.com.


Find deals on the flights you want now at TravelZoo.com. Here you may be able to find the ticket you want without paying the high price that comes with it. Simply search for the dates and destination you want and see if you can find a deal right away.

Take a look at their section for airfare deals. They have flight deals across the world to help you get around for less. Search for deals across Europe, International flights, flights in North America, and more! They have deals from the top travel websites and airlines out there!

Visit TravelZoo.com now to take advantage of their airline deals.


When you are looking for a website to find flight deals on, go to ShermansTravel.com.

On this website you are able to compare rates from different websites and airlines in order to find the best deal for you. Choose your destination, the dates, the number of travelers, and easily compare rates! You are able to select 3 or more of their comparison websites. The more you select the more likely it is to find the best deal!

Choose whether you want a round trip or a one way, and decide whether you want a non-stop flight. But do not wait. Go to ShermansTravel.com today!


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