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Top Gas Price Sites - Handpicked Recommendations

You are on a road trip, hundreds of miles away from home, and your gas gage is getting close to empty. You know that you’ll need to stop and fuel up soon, but where? You don’t want to get ripped off at one of those stations that’s right off the highway (their prices are always way too high!), but you don’t know where you can find the cheapest gas. Well, luckily for you, Gasbuddy.com can find the cheapest gas for you. You don’t have to do anything but search for the city, state or zip of your area – and you’ll instantly be presented with the cheapest gas prices and their locations in your area.

Gasbuddy.com maintains the United States Average Gas prices, and also provides local gas prices in Canada. Wherever you go in North America, GasBuddy.com’s got you covered! Find out which ten states have the lowest gas prices, or see the lowest prices by city! This site is informative and helpful, and it can help you make educated decisions about where and when you purchase your gas.

Not only is this site dedicated to providing you with accurate data and information, they want you to use this information to make smart choices regarding your purchases. In times of economic duress, it’s important to save pennies wherever you can. If you use Gasbuddy.com, you know that you’ll be getting the best deal on your gas. If only you could get the best deal on every product you buy on a daily basis! Then you’d be in business.

Gas Buddy offers lots of coupons and promotions for their members. Currently, they are giving away a $250 gas gift card every week to their members. The winner gets to choose from a large selection of gas stations to redeem their card, including Exxon/Mobil, Shell, BP and more. To win prices, you must first earn points. You can earn points by participating in the website and being an active user. Once you have 1000 points, you can exchange them for a ticket. These tickets are drawn on a weekly basis, which means that you will have a new chance to win each week!

Gas Buddy is a great site for those of us who are trying to save money. If you want to start making educated decisions about your gas purchases, then you should become a member of Gas Buddy’s expanding community.


Many of us have come to appreciate Mapquest.com for its reliable information and helpful tips. Whether you’re taking a road trip to an unfamiliar place, or checking a map to see a town’s geographical layout, you can count on Mapquest. Well now you can count on Mapquest for a number of other things as well, including the latest information on gas prices. At Gasprices.mapquest.com you can see all of the information that you need to know to save money on your gas.

If you want to know the national average for gas prices, they’ve got an entire Gas Calculator at Gasprices.mapquest.com. The site displays the nation’s highest and lowest gas prices each day. This can keep you up to date on gas trends throughout the country as well as in your own local area.

If you want to know the cheapest gas in a small region, you can search for it on Gasprices.mapquest.com. You simply enter your address, city and state, and Gasprices.mapquest.com will show you which nearby stations have the best deal. In a time when we are all trying to save money, every penny really counts. Gasprices.mapquest.com understands that, and makes it easier for you to make smart decisions when purchasing your gas.

Like Gasbuddy.com, Gasprices.mapquest.com also gives away free gas gift cards. Usually, Mapquest does this around the holidays as a promotional offer. Between December 1, 2009 and January 11, 1010, users were invited to enter a Mapquest sweepstakes with a $500 gas card and five $100 gas cards as prizes. In order to be eligible for Mapquest’s sweepstakes, you simply sign up for the MapQuest newsletter and stay in touch with new Mapquest’s new features.

This site is a great tool for anyone looking to pinch a few pennies. If you are shopping on a budget and struggling to pay some bills, start making educated decisions about more of your purchases. Use Gasprices.mapquest.com to get the best price on your gas, and stop spending money that you can easily save.


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